Introducing NOAA Buoy Reports

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NOAA Buoy Reports is the easy way to get current buoy reports and graphs of past conditions on your iPhone or iPad.

Data from over 800 buoys are available worldwide. Including both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans off of the United States and Canada, the Great Lakes, the Caribbean, the waters around South Korea, and the waters around Ireland and the United Kingdom.

With NOAA Buoy Reports, you get:

With its intuitive map interface, just tap on any buoy to get its latest reported conditions. A second tap will give you a complete summary of current conditions, or a graph of wind, wave, temperature, or pressure information so you can not only see what its doing now, but what it was doing this morning, or even last week.

You can also add "Favorites" to quickly see what is important to you with just a glance, or monitor your favorites at any time with the included "Today Widget".

Professional Upgrade Available!

We're happy if you find the free version of the app useful. But after you have had a chance to try it, please consider upgrading to the professional version of the app. Why upgrade?

  • This is a one-time permanent upgrade (not subscription) that applies to all iOS devices linked to your Apple account, now and in the future.
  • No Ads, ever!.
  • Unlimited Favorites, including in the Today Widget.
  • Historical data up to 45 days. This can vary per location.
  • Support an Independent software developer!

This app DOES NOT provide tide data, or maritime or other weather forecasts. There are dedicated apps for these from other publishers that do an excellent job. This app ONLY provides current and historical buoy reports.

Please note that not all buoys have all types of data available, and buoy's do experience outages.

Raw source data compliments of NOAA and National Data Buoy Center (NDBC).

Juggernaut Technology, Inc. is not associated with NOAA, NDBC, or any other government organization.

You can contact us at if you have any questions.

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